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Comedy matches hope for the regular season

Comedy matches hope for the regular season


Comedy Games Porcia in Spittal/Drau on Friday announced their program for Summer 2022. Artistic Director Angelica Ladurner hopes 86 shows are planned with full seating.

Last year, Ensemble Porcia set a historic record in the number of visitors. 15,000 people watched the big performances at the castle and 8,000 visitors arrived at the stage carriage. That’s, though, because over 170 shows have been played – more than that in

Intendant Ladurner said of the show that it’s “so contemporary it gives you goosebumps.” The French comedy “Dignity” will be shown from July in the Renaissance castle in the heart of Spital. Molière (translated by Hans Weigl), Eugene Labisch (translated by HC Artmann) and Victor Hugo are the highlights of Summer Theatre.

ORF / Petra Haas

Schloss Porsia in Spittal / Drau

“The wind is getting stronger…”

The easy laugh of Portia, which has become a saying under the direction of founder and director of the Porsia Comedy, Herbert Weinshen, aims to appeal to theater audiences again this year. 86 shows “100 percent seated,” as Angelica Ladorner said hopefully in light of the insurmountable things of the coronavirus, on the show. “We’re sticking with Pippi Longstocking: The wind is getting stronger, it doesn’t matter, we are too.”

The premiere of “Tartuffe” will be devoted to Molière, while the comedy Eugène Labiche “The Florentine Hat” deals with looks and reality. “The Perfect Secret” by Paulo Genovese and Eric Emmanuel Schmidt “Der Freigeist” completes the programme, which will be announced in the usual way from June with a tour of the theater wagon. The band plays Nestroi’s “The Evil Spirit Lumpazivagabundus”, who will be about to mischief across the country.

Angelica Ladorner


Directed by Angelica Ladorner

humpback for kids

Children’s productions include Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” in LaDorner’s Edition and the children’s comedy Hare Domeldidot asks questions in the theater wagon, written by the headteacher. Advance ticket sales have opened for all productions.

In addition to the tried and tested “BühnenTräume” discussion format in the training phase in the former Gabor Hall – with Lisz Hirn and Lojze Wieser, among others – there is another event track with an exhibition at Porcia Castle: for the first time, the treasures of books from the University of Klagenfurt will be on display. in Spital. “Confidence in science is important to me,” Ladorner stressed, eyeing the paper treasures in the mansion’s foyer. In addition, as before, there will be a display of the works of the Carnetian painter Karl Stark in training stages as part of the collaboration with the Strabag Art Forum.

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