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company car |  Volkswagen's world premiere - ID.  buzz

company car | Volkswagen’s world premiere – ID. buzz

One might be curious: ID. Tinnitus and ID. Buzz Cargo – Whether as a bus or as a carrier – thanks to the space-saving MEB concept, both models, which will be presented on March 9, 2022 at 7 p.m., make extraordinarily good use of space. Five-seater ID card. Even with all passengers on board, Buzz still made room for 1,121 liters of luggage. The maximum storage size of an identifier. Buzz Cargo, equipped with a bulkhead behind the first row of seats, is over 3.9 meters high3. So Volkswagen thought and implemented the all-electric version of the legendary Police cult. The spacious and versatile interior impresses with its color scheme, sustainable materials and smart ideas.

Achieving personality In the future, Buzz will be available to order in seven singles and four bi-colors. This mix of white and new colors is also evident in the interior, which takes stylistic elements from the T1 generation and transports them to the current era of electric mobility. In each case, the colors match the exterior paint finishes and are reflected – on request – on the interior surfaces of the seats, dashboard and door panels. Ambient lighting (optionally with up to 30 colors) provides a touch of atmosphere. The attention to detail in the new model is also reflected in a number of individual identification elements and pretentious decorations that adorn the interior at various points.

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