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Composers’ platform victory pieces (1) |  MON |  10 07 2023 |  23:03

Composers’ platform victory pieces (1) | MON | 10 07 2023 | 23:03

It’s something like a “song contest” for new music: once a year, music editors from all over the world gather to listen to and rate the best radio recordings of contemporary music. The annual International Composers’ Platform aims to disseminate contemporary music as widely as possible. It is the largest radio platform for new sounds: since 1955, 400 composers have been presented internationally. The most recent recordings presented have been broadcast 700 times worldwide by one of the participating radio stations.

Ö1 broadcasts the award-winning works of the 69th platform, which took place from 16 to 19 May in The Hague, in three “Zeit Ton” programmes.

On today’s program, we listen to composer and author Sophie Reyer and composer Simon Vucicek. Both automatically interact with recordings.

We send works in the reverse order of registration. Today pieces of music can be heard from Switzerland, Finland, Argentina and Slovenia.

This time, two acts share the first place by virtue of fairness. Winning piece from Radio Sweden (Radio P2): “Jubelhemd” by Lisa Streich – composition and title based on artwork by Austrian artist Markus Sheinwald. The Radio France report received the same number of points: “Nuit” composed by Othman Al Lawati.

In the category of composers under 30 years of age, Slovenia won “The Card Players” by Matic Romih. A new partnership with the famous Viennese publishing house Universal Edition gives the three composers who won the Rostrum platform for a year free access to the “scodo” publishing service. Among the first ten works recommended was a submission from Austria: “Star Washers” by the composer Angélica Castelló. This Ö1 recording was made at the Wien Modern Festival, performed by the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marin Alsop.

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