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Concert in the Carinthian Bundesliga at Wörthersee Stadium «

Concert in the Carinthian Bundesliga at Wörthersee Stadium «

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Austria Klagenfurt and WAC enter the Bundesliga with a derby match. We asked among the supporters at the Carinthian Kick premiere.

NS Philip Edlinger | 6.41 pm, July 25, 2021


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Realizing all of this is still really hard for me. But this is only true. We are playing in the Bundesliga here, in the derby against WAC and a lot of people attended.” Austria – Van Marcus Weitzer in rapture. He is not only a founding member of the “Black Soul Carinthia” fan club but also the Waidmannsdorfer fan coordinator. And so he moved to the Wörthersee stadium two hours before the match started with about 150 strong supporters. They have created a lot of banners, flags, and choreography. “We are finally back and this stadium is finally full again after ages because of the right club. Weitzer said with a wide smile.

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