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Conchita with ABBA tribute in song contest

Conchita with ABBA tribute in song contest

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Conchita Forrest's victory: a great TV moment when, after winning by 290 points (52 points ahead of the second-place duo “Common Linnets”), she sang “We're Unstoppable” with great emotion. ) he shouted to the crowd. The anniversary won't be celebrated much, although Tom Neuwirth, known as Conchita, has been in Malmo all week and will watch the final live in the arena tomorrow. At the invitation of its advertising partners, a cream liqueur manufacturer and a hotel booking portal. “That sounds almost capitalist,” laughs Alsteria.

“Waterloo” is the winner of the song contest

However, Conchita will also be seen as a showwoman on the final stage: she will appear with previous song contest winners Charlotte Pirelli (1999) and Carola (1992). Swedish broadcaster SVT announced that “Waterloo” would be sung together. ABBA hit the jackpot 50 years ago.

For Conchita's 10th anniversary there is a new song: “Any Day From Now On”, which is not far musically from “Rise Like A Phoenix”, with a cinematic arrangement. It was written “ten years ago,” says Tom, “it was written in a songwriting camp at the time, but it wasn't used on any albums. Now I've remembered it again, extracted it and reproduced it.” “Like a fire in the night, I'll rise from New,” sings Conchita, who loves great drama.

When Neuwirth looks back over the past 10 years, he has no difficulty making a decision. “I don't think about spilled milk, everything happens as it should. “I'm grateful that I'm good at business – and there will certainly be something in the future that is not so popular in its broad appeal,” the 35-year-old explains.

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As “Luziwuzi” in Rabenhof

You can still experience Tom live as 'Luziwuzi' at Vienna's Rabenhof and also as part of the Capital of Culture on 19 July in his hometown Bad Mitterndorf – with the 'Mrs Thomas and Mr Martin' programme. A wonderful evening that breathes the atmosphere of the 1950s and which he created with his best friend, Carinthian Martin Zerza (also Starmania 2006). “Viennese song meets Peter Alexander and Hildegard Knife,” he tries to describe the party. Tickets:

His winning tip for Saturday? “Nemo from Switzerland!”

The hall went wild: cheers after Conchita won her Oscar acceptance speech

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Conchita in a photo shoot for her new song

Conchita in a photo shoot for her new song “Any Day From Now On”

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