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Conclusion – the final event of the Neulingbach cultural summer

Conclusion – the final event of the Neulingbach cultural summer

Gallery owner Ursula Fischer with artists Moritz Pastiner (left) and Julian Jankovic in front of some of the exhibits.


DrClosing out the Neulingbach cultural summer is an exhibition at the Lieglweg Gallery: Autumn Salon is open.

Two young artists are currently showing their work at the Ursula Fischer Gallery in Neulingbach. Julian Jankovic displays sculptures and objects, and Moritz Pastiner provides photographs.

Julian Yankovic is a plastics engineer. It processes huge amounts of waste received from various companies and extracts plastic sheets from it. Sometimes wonderful and impressive works of art are created from plastic waste in this way. Moritz Pastiner has a passion for old, abandoned buildings. His hobby is to enter these buildings and photograph them. Both artists want to raise awareness that we produce too much waste and build too much new buildings instead of using existing ones.

Neulingbach Galerie am Lieglweg fall exhibition

Moritz Pastiner, Brigitte Pointner, gallery owner Ursula Fischer and city advisor for culture Maria Riegler.

Monica Dietl

Among the guests at the event was City Councilor Maria Riegler, who organized the Neulingbach Cultural Summer.

On Sunday, October 15, the gallery invites you to a literary breakfast at 11 a.m. with a reading of “The Harbor Elegy” by Rudi Hausmann. Works by Moritz Pastiner and Julian Jankovic will then be shown.

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