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Congratulations!  – Endless Wellness releases their first album titled “What Happiness” – The Gap

Congratulations! – Endless Wellness releases their first album titled “What Happiness” – The Gap

Endless Wellness, perhaps the biggest local hope for indie rock, has created a very impressive debut album called “Was für ein Glück”.

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You can count the number of chances to make a first impression on one finger. And if you come up with, “Some days I want to die/Other days I'd rather not die,” you're making a big idea. Especially when your first single – Pay Attention – is about your bird, and it's a more powerful song. Endless Wellness not only has a great name, but it also has seemingly great themes. The fact that you have been praised from the beginning, who can blame those who praise you? The fact that they beat the band in the small bars of the Vienna Belt is only consistent with their contract with the indie giant Ink music.

If an album is coming after a few singles, which were always very pretty and logo-like, a little caution is advised. Because the question arises: will they be able to do it in the long term? Anyone who wants to stop reading now should be told: “Yes, you can do it!”

It has been thoroughly proven

Anyone who can squeeze a few syllables into their attention span should also be told that the Salzburg group consisting of Philipp Auer, which was only founded in 2021 but operates with a great romantic friendship, is perhaps the biggest hope for indie rock in the local music scene, which is quite dry In that regard – and she confirms it correctly in her first appearance.

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This often leads to soulful folk rock with good fuzz pedal progression and actually very danceable indie rock almost all the time, along with good messages and lines. You need that too. Hence, of course, mostly anti-system, and at the same time pre-fascist and unfortunate climate policy. Favorite: “I don't want to be a polar bear/I want the future” on “Thanks for Everything,” which has no shortage of '80s references. Even if the overall sound is more 90s – if you need this rating to evaluate your level of partying. If Endless Wellness also manages to become the song of 2023 with the aforementioned “Hand in the Face” (Spatzi!), you can only congratulate them. Congratulations!

Endless Wellness “What is Happiness”

“What Luck” album. Endless wellness It will be released on January 26, 2024 by Ink Music. The following concert dates are currently known: January 27, Vienna, FM4 Birthday Concert – February 3, Linz, Wurst vom Hund Ball – March 9, Salzburg, ARGE Kultur – March 21, Graz, Orpheum Extra – April 9, Vienna, Porgy & Peace – April 24, Nuremberg (Germany), MUZ Club – April 26, Cologne (Germany), c/o Pop – May 10, Hallein, Ten Volt Festival – July 20, Settersdorf, Acoustic Lakeside.

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