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Congressional Hearing: The US Army Wants to Detect Unidentified Flying Objects

Congressional Hearing: The US Army Wants to Detect Unidentified Flying Objects

Status: 05/17/2022 8:21 PM

400 UFO sightings alone since 2004 – for a long time the U.S. military has kept a secret about UFOs. For safety reasons, this phenomenon must now be clarified. There was even a hearing about it in the US Congress.

The numerous observations of unidentified flying objects in recent years continue to baffle the US military. This emerged from the first hearing in the US House of Representatives in more than 50 years on “Unidentified Air Phenomena” (UAP) – as the US military calls Unidentified Flying Objects.

Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Scott Bray, said his agency’s UAP task force had no evidence that any of the unexplained orbs were of extraterrestrial origin.

Open to all hypotheses.

The chairman of the House Counterintelligence Subcommittee, Andre Carson, said, “EAPs are inexplicable, that’s right. But they are real. They need to be investigated.” Rep. Peter Welch noted, “No one knows if there is life beyond Earth. It’s a big world. It would be very preposterous to come to a firm conclusion.”

“We’re open to any hypotheses and conclusions we might come up with,” senior Pentagon official Ronald Moultrie, who revealed himself as a fan of science fiction, told the session. Bray stated, “Since the early 2000s, we have observed an increasing number of uncertified and/or unidentified aircraft or objects.” The news of the sighting continued.

The topic should be free of stigma

The increase in reports is also attributed to factors such as improved sensors or newer flight systems such as drones. But it’s also the result of the military’s efforts to claim reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects, which were previously stigmatized. “The message is now clear: If you see something, you have to report it.”

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In June 2021, US intelligence made a report on the UAP. This showed that there are no explanations for about 140 celestial phenomena from the past two decades. Since the report was published, Bray said, the number of reported views has risen to about 400.

There is no explanation for what this is.

Bray showed two videos of the session. One of them, he said, showed a “spherical object” passing through the cockpit of a fighter plane. “I have no explanation for what this specific thing is.”

A second video showed a triangular floating object observed through night vision goggles. The Navy made similar observations a few years later. Bray described the objects as “unmanned aerial systems”.

Unidentified flying object reports have often been discredited in the past

So far, there have been no collisions between American combat aircraft and unidentified objects. “But we had at least 11 cases that almost went wrong,” Bray said. There was no contact with things. In no case will US forces open fire on the UAP. It could be China, Russia, a private company, or even a secret US government project behind the flying objects.

The report and the hearing represent a turning point for the Washington administration. For decades, this has frustrated and distorted observations of UFOs dating back to the 1940s. There hasn’t been a public hearing in Congress on the subject since the US Air Force halted the indecisive UFO program dubbed “Project Blue Book” in 1969.