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Continuous rain at the weekend: Tief Daniel brings us up to 50 liters in 24 hours – meteorologist

In the past few days, several small bottoms have brought back rain to Germany. And it gets wet on the weekends, too.

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Daniel goes as low as 5B

A slight drop over northern Germany continues with rain on Saturday. Then Daniel’s more distinct depression in the south develops into a trough that looks like 5b. So it condenses over the Adriatic, then moves around the Alps to the north.

Tief Daniel brings moist air from the Mediterranean region, bringing torrential rains from southwest to east Germany.

Storm rain continues in the south

On Saturday afternoon, Tiff Daniel brought the first rain to southwest Germany. The rain spreads to Saxony on Sunday evening. The precipitation increases from Allgäu to the Ore Mountains. There can be heavy rain.

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On Sunday, the rain from the west subsided again. It will still rain in south Brandenburg on a Sunday before Tiff Daniel moves east in the afternoon.

After that, rain forms again in the southern half of Germany. It is raining in the southeast until Monday. In the Alps, the snow line is initially quite high – at an altitude of more than 2000 meters. But on Monday night, it can go down to around 1,000 meters.

The largest amounts of rain are in crowded areas

The stream comes from the northeast via Tiff Daniel. It accumulates especially in the eastern low mountain ranges and the Alps. This is where the greatest amounts of rain are expected. About 50 liters per square meter can be collected here in 24 hours. For Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg this is already over 50 percent of the average monthly rainfall for May.

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After Daniel drops temperatures drop

After Tief Daniel’s passage, the cold air masses advance to southern Germany. As a result, temperatures will be cooler on Sunday. It reaches 14 degrees in the north and only about 8 degrees in the south.

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