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Coronavirus cases in schools in Salzburg are declining

Coronavirus cases in schools in Salzburg are declining

The overall infection rate has stabilized or started to decrease in the past few days. For high school students, the seven-day infection rate of 188.3 is close to the national average of 186.6. You have to keep in mind that testing is more intense in schools. For teachers, it is much lower at 127.2, and in Teningau there was not a single new infection last week, says state statistician Gernot Philip, explaining the current numbers as of midnight.

The numbers of people infected with COVID-19 are declining, especially in high schools

If you look at age groups, the student numbers in top schools, especially high schools, middle schools, and vocational schools, are back, according to the broadcast. But in the case of primary school children, incidents of the seven days have increased slightly recently. Generally, they will descend through the school district.

Injuries to new teachers are lower than the national average

Last week, no new infections were recorded in faculty in polytechnics, private schools, and vocational schools. The incidence rate for seven-day teachers in vocational middle and high schools (53.6) and in middle schools (99.4) is lower than the national average (186.6). In elementary school (191.8) it is slightly higher and in AHS it is the highest at 241.1. 7,492 people participated in the special vaccination campaign for teachers. Deputy Governor Christian Stöckel tells (ÖVP), “Those who have not yet attended during Holy Week remain at the highest level of Priority 3 for the educational staff.”

Member of the Board of Education in Salzburg is confident

Looking confidently to the future, Daniela Gucci (ÖVP) says, “Introducing vaccinations in the education sector to the Easter holidays is now a good prerequisite for the development in the direction of normalization,” Gucci said, “Face-to-face classes again soon, everyone participated, and we We are working on it together with all our might. “

(Source: SALZBURG24)

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