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Coronavirus - demos with thousands of vaccine opponents in Greece

Coronavirus – demos with thousands of vaccine opponents in Greece

Thousands of people who refused to be vaccinated demonstrated against the coronavirus vaccination policy pursued by the conservative government in Athens and the northern Greek port city of Thessaloniki on Sunday evening. According to state television estimates, about 3,000 protesters gathered in Athens. Local media reported that there are more than 5,000 people in Thessaloniki.

After dark, about 200 people left the nearly-ending demonstration, throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at police who were standing in front of Parliament in Athens. The officers used stun grenades, tear gas and water cannons, and separated the rioters, as shown on television. Then the situation calmed down.

The conservative government has already enforced a law that only vaccinated people are allowed to stay in the interior of restaurants and cultural institutions. In addition, unvaccinated employees in the health sector must be laid off from September 1 – as long as they have not been vaccinated – unpaid. This has been the case in the aged care sector since August 16th.

The number of new infections in Greece has risen dramatically in recent weeks, mainly due to vacation time. In large parts of Crete and other islands in the southern Aegean, the night-time exit ban between 1 am and 6 am has been in effect for several days. (Abba)

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