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Could Mercedes be in the front row?

Could Mercedes be in the front row?

7:41 a.m

Could Mercedes be in the front row?

At least that’s what Lewis Hamilton thinks. The Briton “only” ended up fifth in yesterday’s qualifying, but Carlos Sainz, second in Q3, wasn’t a tenth of a second faster. And according to Hamilton himself, it would have been easy.

“I was a little surprised we were [im Qualifying] I was so far ahead and ended up fighting for the front row,” Hamilton admits, explaining: “On the last lap, I think I was on track for a place on the front row until tenth. “

“Then I accelerated and the car oversteered all of a sudden. I have to check it out, but I think I lost two tenths there,” said Hamilton. And that was enough for second place behind Max Verstappen.

“Still, I really enjoyed driving the car today and I’m really encouraged to see where it is. A big thank you to everyone at the factory because it shows we’re making progress,” said Hamilton.

After all: Because of Gasly’s penalty, he can start the race from P4 after that. So it looks like the platform is within reach.

8:51 a.m

Are there other opponents for Verstappen besides the weather?

It says a lot about the dominance of Max Verstappen and Red Bull in Barcelona when team boss Christian Horner lists it all when asked about the strongest opponents in the race on Sunday: “There’s the weather, there’s the reliability, the starting, the strategy. How the tires behave in the fast corners. There’s a lot of things.” .”

What he can’t think of are opponents in the sense of other drivers. The advantage was so overwhelming for Red Bull that you would fear anyone in the race under normal circumstances. Horner says Monaco hasn’t flattered the RB19’s strengths, while Barcelona has.

The full story here!

8:43 a.m

Wolff: “Disappointed” after qualifying

So, back to Mercedes, where team boss Toto Wolff also admits: “I think we have more potential in the car than we do [im Qualifying] You couldn’t get the most out of it. “You had it all” to get involved in the fight for the first two rows on the grid. “

“We should have been right behind Verstappen and that’s why our disappointment was so big,” he frowns and explains: “I think we can do a solid race. Our pace on the long run looked strong on Friday, so we’ll see what we’re capable of.”

Andrew Shovlin adds: “It was a bit of a frustrating day as our pace in final practice was good. George struggled to get the tires in the right window in qualifying. They did well in similar conditions this morning.”

“Lewis was in a better position but we would have been happier if we were tenth in the front row. It’s always annoying when you’re at the wrong end of a tight group of cars.”

“But we’ve been in contention for P2 and that’s encouraging,” Shovlin said. And as I said: the podium certainly seems within reach today.

8:32 a.m

Screen: Formula 1 and Co. Live on Sky!

It will still be some time before Formula 1 cars take to the track in Barcelona today. But the Formula 3 and Formula 2 races were already scheduled for the morning. And on Sky you can follow the two junior series as well as the first division!

Only on Sky you can get all the Formula 1 sessions live, race without commercial breaks, watch supporting series, get exclusive interviews, exciting background reports and much more.

No Sky subscription yet? Report here!

8:03 a.m

Analysis and Watchparty

Did you miss an exciting Saturday yesterday? No problem! Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll have analyzed the qualifications in video form for you and Talk for 75 minutes on the following topics:

Summary and result
What happened to Alonso?
-Near Mercedes crash
How superior is Verstappen?
– Secure Norris in Q1-Aus
Judgment in the Gasly case
Nico Hulkenberg
Early for Perez, Leclerc
The Steiner Affair: “Police State!”
Members’ questions

Of course, the two will be in touch with you live on the YouTube channel after today’s race. There is also a popular viewing party for the Spanish Grand Prix again!

Here is an overview of today’s live broadcast events:

Race Watch Party (2:30 p.m.)

Race in Analysis (9:00 pm)

Qualifying: This is how the FIA ​​decides on Mercedes Zoff!

The collision between George Russell and Lewis Hamilton in qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona is the subject of an FIA investigation. More Formula 1 videos

7:53 a.m

Why did Russell do so much worse?

Hamilton would have been on the front row, and his teammate was already knocked out in the second quarter. What was going on? “It was a strange qualifier today. It was obviously tough for everyone and the standings were very mixed,” says Russell.

“I felt right from the start that the tires had no grip and I was really struggling with the car. It started bouncing a lot in high-speed corners, so I couldn’t drive through the turns with full throttle anymore.”

“I wasn’t surprised that I retired in Q2 because the pace of the car wasn’t right. I didn’t have a good feeling for the car, so that’s disappointing,” said the Briton, who will start the race from P12. afterwards.

“We started some situations way back than we should have, but I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day,” he said.

7:30 a.m

Everytime on Sundays…

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our live Formula 1 tape. Well, did you already catch yesterday’s qualifying? Something was really going on! Let’s hope he continues like this in the race in Barcelona today.

The race starts in Spain at 3:00 pm, so we still have enough time to properly prepare for the Grand Prix. Here at the bar I got really close to what’s going on in the ring until late in the evening!

Robin Zimmerman It accompanies you through the day at this point. If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, you can use our contact form. You can also find us on FacebookAnd TwitterAnd Instagram And YoutubeAnd if you have any questions, you can also use the Twitter hashtag #FragMST. here we are!

Here you can read our tape from yesterday!

Photos: F1: Spanish Grand Prix 2023

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