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Council President Michel wants to enter Parliament

Council President Michel wants to enter Parliament

European Council President Charles Michel wants to participate in the upcoming European elections and enter the European Parliament. The chief politician told various Belgian media yesterday: “I have decided to run in the European elections in June 2024.” This means that if he is elected, he will give up his position as President of the Council.

The Belgian said that after the elections – at the end of June and the beginning of July – EU heads of state and government could discuss a successor to the position of Council President. The country's leaders will also have to decide when a successor will take office. “It is relatively easy to organize a successor,” he told Le Soir newspaper, among others.

The election campaign was planned without the constraints of the job

Michel said that in the elections scheduled for June 9, the 48-year-old will top the list of the Belgian liberal party Movement for Reform (MR). 2024 is a very important election year in Europe, but also in the rest of the world. The former Belgian prime minister said he wanted to play an active role.

He wanted to run the election campaign in such a way that his responsibilities as President of the European Council were not jeopardized. The task of the President of the European Council is to coordinate cooperation and summit meetings between European Union countries. Michel took office in December 2019. He wants to hold office until MPs are sworn in, scheduled to take place on 16 July.