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Countermeasure: KLM could lose 1,000 flights to US

Countermeasure: KLM could lose 1,000 flights to US

The Dutch government wants to reduce capacity at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. This will cost the national airline KLM a lot – as the US plans countermeasures.

The Dutch government wants to reduce the capacity of the country’s largest airport by 40,000 flights. Instead of 500,000 take-offs and landings, only 460,000 are planned at Amsterdam-Schiphol. 8,000 less in the winter flight schedule. This could be costly for KLM.

Because: The wind against this move is coming from America. There it can be seen that the open space agreement between the two countries has been violated by the project. In fact, it stipulates that airlines from either country can offer unlimited flights to the other country. But capacity constraints put more than 1,000 seats at risk for US airlines.

Jetblue does not accept slots

Among other things, the move means that Jetblue will no longer have take-off and landing rights at Schiphol next summer. The following summer the 24 airlines without historical rights that applied for slots at the Dutch airport left empty-handed. JetBlue had already asked the US Department of Transportation to take countermeasures in the case. A New York ban on KLM is an option. In the first phase, Dutch airlines had to register their flight plans in advance – a bureaucratic chicanery.

But an even stronger countermeasure could be coming. Like a newspaper T Telegraph It has been reported that the Dutch will lose the same amount of take-off and landing rights as American airlines in the Netherlands. The loss of 1,000 flights will be bittersweet for KLM. The newspaper reported that they are currently in serious talks with the Ministry of Transport to resolve the issue.

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KLM alerts Govt

“We have repeatedly warned the Dutch government of the possible consequences that forced capacity reductions could have in the form of retaliatory measures. This would be extremely damaging to KLM and endanger the network connecting the Netherlands to the rest of the world,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying.