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Coup attempt in Bolivia: Army occupies government palace

Coup attempt in Bolivia: Army occupies government palace

According to President Luis Arce, the country is facing a coup attempt by the military. The soldiers entered the presidential palace in the capital, La Paz.

in Bolivia Military units attempted a coup. president Luis Arce This was announced on Wednesday after soldiers stormed the capital's central square La Paz It was occupied and entered the presidential palace.

general Juan Jose Zuniga They announced on local television that the three commanders of the armed forces wanted to “express their dismay.” The region's governments immediately condemned the soldiers' actions.

“There will definitely be a new government, and things will change, but our country cannot continue as it was before,” Zuniga said. News agency reporter Reuters It was reported from La Paz that an armored vehicle had penetrated the entrance to the palace in Plaza Murillo. Arce had previously called on Zuniga to immediately demobilize the troops.

Respect democracy and the rule of law

His party colleague, the former head of state Evo MoralesIn turn, Zuniga was publicly accused of planning a coup. He called on his supporters to support democracy. “

“We will not allow the armed forces to violate democracy and intimidate the people,” he added. Although Arce and Morales belong to the same socialist movement, they are in fact at odds.

The region's heads of state and government initially reacted by condemning the soldiers' actions. president of honduras, Xiomara CastroHe declared: “The armed forces once again carried out a criminal coup.” She called on members of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) to condemn the fascism that has invaded democracy in Bolivia.

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President of Paraguay, Santiago PenaHe called for respect for democracy and the rule of law. His colleague in Chile, Gabriel Buric, was concerned. Violation of the constitutional order should not be tolerated.