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Court discipline Prince Andrew's lawyer

Court discipline Prince Andrew’s lawyer

The attacks, which were allegedly arranged by New York CFO Jeffrey Epstein and his close friend Ghislaine Maxwell, took place in London, Manhattan and on the Caribbean island of Little St. James, according to Roberts Jeffrey. (photo archive from 2019)
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After claiming that the plaintiff did not adequately explain the violation, the chief justice explained to Prince Andrew’s lawyer: “It’s called involuntary sexual intercourse.”

FUr Prins Andrew It doesn’t look good legally. A gentry attorney was reprimanded Tuesday at the first hearing of a New York court for hearing an American woman’s claim for damages against Queen Elizabeth II’s son after the alleged sexual assault.

Presiding judge Louis Kaplan appeared after claiming that Prosecutor Virginia Roberts Joffrey had failed to adequately explain the abuse. “It’s called involuntary intercourse,” the attorney told Andrew Brettler, a Princes’ attorney in California.

Roberts Joffrey is claiming an undisclosed amount of damages because the Duke of York sexually assaulted her three times in 2001 when she was 17. The attacks were allegedly carried out by the New York CFO Jeffrey Epstein It takes place in London, Manhattan, and Little St. James Island in the Caribbean, according to Roberts Joffrey.

Judge Lewis Kaplan announced on Tuesday that it would be “fairly quick” to rule on Prince Andrew’s request to dismiss the 38-year-old’s case. The noble is referring to, among other things, an agreement between Epstein and Roberts Joffrey from 2009, in which it is alleged that she cannot prosecute Epstein or his entourage for the alleged assaults.

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