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Crisis in Brazilian football: FIFA threatens to suspend

Crisis in Brazilian football: FIFA threatens to suspend

the FIFA It was introduced by the Brazilian Football Confederation after a court order dismissing the federation's president Ednaldo Rodriguez He threatened to immediately suspend the national team and all club teams from all international competitions. This appears from FIFA's letter dated December 24 and made available to the AP news agency.

If the Brazilian Football Confederation's intervention leads to the election of a new president in January, sanctions will be applied.

In its statute, FIFA rejects the interference of government bodies – and therefore also rejects the ruling issued by a court in Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of December. In the event of a suspension, all officials and referees will also be banned from participating in international matches and events.

Crisis meeting on January 8

FIFA and the South American Football Confederation, CONMEBOL, want to form a committee in Brazil on January 8 to deal with the crisis. “Until such a task is carried out, no decision affecting the CBF may be taken, including any elections or calls for elections,” the letter said.

At the beginning of December, a court in Rio de Janeiro state removed Rodriguez from his position as president of the Brazilian Football Confederation. He is accused of irregularities that led to his election last year. Under the court order, a new president must be elected within 30 days. Until then, the president of the country's sports court, José Perdez, will take over the business on an interim basis.

Rodriguez's term actually lasts until 2026, making Rodriguez the next president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, which has been plagued by legal problems. His predecessor, Rogerio Caboclo, was suspended due to a sexual harassment case. Previously, Ricardo Teixeira, José María Marin and Marco Polo del Nero were involved in corruption cases.

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