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Criticism for broadcasting the Austrian Federation Cup final!  This is how the ORF director interacts

Criticism for broadcasting the Austrian Federation Cup final! This is how the ORF director interacts

While fans on site will remember the great atmosphere of the Austrian Fed Cup Final, the camera work left viewers in front of their TV screens shaking their heads.

ORF wanted to innovate with a dynamic camera, but this backfired.

With the so-called camcat, the camera should always be at ball level and provide a whole new perspective on the football game. However, the distance from which it was filmed made it very difficult to see what was happening in the game.

The new camera “innovation”

Discontent quickly spread on social media. ORF viewers were visibly upset and jokingly complained of feeling dizzy. So after 30 minutes the project stopped.

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ORF's star director Michael Coogler, who thinks a lot about the new camera perspective, was jointly responsible for the experiment. “This is an innovation,” explains the director in “courier“.

“The new camera is operated by a joystick and aims to provide commanding perspectives,” Kugler said. “This is what you would normally use in pit lane in Formula 1. We took computer games as a model. From this perspective, you have the opportunity to always look for the perfect seat.”

“We've been blown away by the response!”

However, Coogler also suspected that the camera might not be well received by everyone, so they monitored reactions online.

“I changed it after 25 minutes because we were overwhelmed by the feedback,” Kugler said.

“If there is a big difference, there will be a lot of people and their faults. There will be a lot of people who are on a reservation. We will be there for you. Before this day comes and does not match, there will be a match”, send it to the ORF-Register tracking.

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More projects planned

However, the director does not want to exaggerate the criticism. The future will be in programs like this, Kugler said. He already has the following ideas up his sleeve. It will be at the Olympic Games in Paris to perfectly organize 3×3 basketball and wild dancing competitions.

He doesn't want to be affected by setbacks: “I just remember how people complained during the first drone shots. They said no one needed them. But it was definitely worth a try. It was clear that you would get beaten up for it.”

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