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(FOTO: iStockphoto/timltv, Olga Shumitskaya)

Croatia restaurants in financial crisis

(Photo: iStockphoto/timltv, Olga Shumetskaya)

Many factors are responsible for a good tourist season in Croatia, most places are setting records in 2019.

Proceedings were suspended, and the epidemic looked like a relic of the last century. The hotels, apartments and restaurants are well equipped to accommodate and cater to the many guests. It also paid off. Many places broke records from the extraordinary year 2019, some with an increase of up to twenty percent.

Most overnight stays and arrivals are Croatians themselves. Also interesting is the fact that Italians are returning more and more, if one is to believe the reports of the tourism agency of the city of Korcula.

Interestingly, the increase in the number of guests in the camps has increased by 103% compared to 2019.

Despite the large number of guests and the fact that the city is very crowded, no one knows how this season will actually be perceived. At least in financial terms.

“I have never had more guests, the season started relatively early, I have never cleaned more or were expecting guests, and at the same time I have not made less money,” says a lady from Korcula who has been renting apartments for years.

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