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Croatia vs Belgium: World Cup 2022 group match now in live video

At the end of the World Cup group stage, runners-up will face Croatia and Belgium today. spox Presents the duel in the live tape for reading.

Croatia 0-0 Belgium

Croatia squad Levakovic – Joranovic, Lovren, Guardiol, Sosa – Brozovic, Modric, Kovacic, Kramaric, Perisic – Livaga
Belgium squad Courtois – Meunier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Castagne – Wetsel, Dendoncker, Trossard, De Bruyne, Carrasco – Mertens
Yellow cards

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Croatia vs Belgium: World Cup 2022 group match now in live video – 0:0

Thirty-third: We can admire Croatia’s second goal, a tricky header from Livaja after a long cross from Sosa from the left. Two meters well in an arc on the left corner of the cross. And that says a lot about this strange game.

twenty-eighth: The teams will know that Morocco is on the right track. A draw is enough for Croatia, and this may justify lethargy and offensive apathy. On the other hand, something must come from Belgium. At the same time, there is a risk of being left behind if there are too many risks. tangled, all of it. It really isn’t good for the game.

twenty-fifth: He’s also remarkably quiet on the court. Meanwhile, it came to a complete halt in the grass. Croatia had been without a shot on goal since the seventh second. Belgium’s push was shattered during the three chances created by the VAR.

twenty third: Now again such a slow phase. Lots of midfield, lots of passing, no ideas. Really hard game to read. Unlike Canada v Morocco, where the North Africans are already leading 2-0. It became clear that this was going to be a do-or-die game.

Twentieth: The stadium whistles because spectators see the VAR scene on the video cube. Emotionally understandable, Bimal’s thumb was an inch and a half from the right shoulder of Lovren’s jersey sleeve offside. But offside is and remains a realistic decision, not one based on interpretation.

nineteenth: What a wild 20 minutes. I just felt like working. The pace is not really high. Weakness of both teams towards him.

seventeenth: Referee Taylor of the observer is asked to assess whether Lovren’s offside position is penalized despite not getting the ball. However, the defender forced Vertonghen into an aerial duel. And Taylor decides… Yes! Lucky for Croatia. Courtois grabbed the ball, which Modric had already put in the penalty area.

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15th: Penalty to Croatia! Modric with a free kick in the middle of the field, Vertonghen comes first, then Mener, but neither of them can get past him. Also Carrasco, who doesn’t beat the ball away, but wants to stop it. Failing that, Kramarek gets pinned and gets shot in the foot by Carrasco. But it is still being checked. Perhaps the Croatian was decisively offside with a free kick.

fourteenth: And now we have made the three-stage increase perfect: Mertens, who participates in all three scenes, with great opportunity. Croatia loses the ball 40 meters from the opponents’ goal, then Belgium’s counter-attack runs through De Bruyne, who connects the middle of the field and sets up a perfect right half for Mertens from the middle. He decides to finish with the first contact – and misses the point. One can talk about one hundred percent.

twelveth: This one’s better: a through ball toward the baseline for Mertens, who plays cross, but too far forward, so Carrasco can’t push. He has to stop behind the far post and climb up. Instead of playing the pass into the back room, he shot from an acute angle and was blocked. The next angle does not bring any return.

The tenth: A noteworthy first half from Belgium in the penalty area is Dendoncker’s volley in the direction of Mertens. But he is smaller than two-headed Lovren, so it is doubtful that this would be the right thing to do. Lovren cuts the top of the candle slightly like a tree trunk, Levakovic catches the ball.

VIII: Events sort themselves out. without much fuss. Belgium has not found its way to the sixteen yet. The speed and scrolling unit are not particularly high.

Fifth: Five minutes later, Belgium seemed to have recovered, taking control of the game and gaining possession. It is much needed as well, in the parallel match Morocco managed to take an early lead. If Morocco wins, Belgium will be eliminated if they don’t win themselves.

Third: After 60 seconds, Kovacic fills the left in the 16th after a long ball, passing to Kramaric in the middle, but gets tangled up in the dribble and is unable to reach the end. Croatian start, as if bitten by a tarantula.

1: And Perisic’s great opportunity. Incredible sight. A rehearsed driving force. Three stops, empty running paths, then Modric’s outside pass behind the Belgian chain of defense to Perisic, who briefly moves against Meunier and misses the goal.

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Croatia vs Belgium: FIFA World Cup 2022 group match now in live video – first half kick-off

1: here we are! With Taylor from England on the whistle. As in the South Korea match against Ghana.

Croatia vs Belgium: World Cup 2022 Group Match is now in live tape – before the start

before start: Courtois plays his 100th international match for Belgium today, becoming the first goalkeeper and seventh player to reach this historic milestone for Belgium. With Vertonghen, Witsel, Alderweireld, E. Hazard, Mertens and Lukaku, the other six are all in the squad, and four are in the starting line-up. From space, De Bruyne (97 caps) did not make his criticisms, which caused such a stir, that the team is so old.

before start: Croatia’s start to the tournament was also a mess, first a lukewarm 0-0 draw against Morocco, then a false start against Canada when Davies scored Canada’s first World Cup goal after less than two minutes. But then the experienced vice-champion played his way freely, lighting up the atmosphere with four beautiful goals and steering himself into pole position. A draw with the third World Cup is enough for the round of 16. In case of defeat, the worried look goes to the parallel game. Ask the Poles how they feel.

before start: Belgium coach Martinez spoke of a second chance in light of his old international match today. Finally, get to the championship, convince, and enjoy football. It was necessary to hold a long internal meeting of the team, where people really broke out in order to get rid of quarrels and quarrels. Old against young, front against back, all against all. Did you do anything? The strongest group opponent is supposedly waiting right now, of all places.

before start: There was a lot of drama yesterday, so what’s in store for us today? In Group Six, Canada no longer has a wickets in the Round of 16, but North America is playing its last World Cup match against Morocco at the moment. Morocco (4), Croatia (4) and Belgium (3) are separated by just one point. There are still some delays and contingencies.

before start: The mood in Belgium is very different, as things have been boiling up to now after the poor performance. Compared to the 0:2 against Morocco, Coach Martinez has changed to four positions. He did it without his captain Eden Hazard, and his brother Thorgan Hazard was not given a new mandate in the starting line-up. Batshuayi is also absent at the moment, and Onana is also missing from the team. The four were replaced by Dendoncker, Carrasco, Trossard and Mertens.

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before start: This is the starting line-up for Belgium: Courtois – Meunier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Kasten – Witsel, Dendoncker, Trossard, De Bruyne, Carrasco – Mertens.

before start: Croatia put in a convincing performance in the second round, beating Canada 4-1 to cause the World Cup newcomers to exit early. So coach Dalic sees no reason to change the starting line-up he played against Belgium today.

before start: This is how Croatia begins: Levakovic – Joranovic, Lovren, Guardiol, Sosa – Brozovic, Modric, Kovacic, Kramaric, Perisic – Livaja.

before start: A lot could still happen in Group 6 today. Only Canadians have already been eliminated. Croatia, Morocco and Belgium are still in contention for two rounds out of 16 tickets. Today’s table leader Croatia (4 points) suffices against Belgium (3 points), already in a draw. Morocco, who also play Canada at the same time, will also go through a draw.

before start: The show starts at four o’clock in the afternoon, German time, and the venue is Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium (Al-Rayyan).

before start: Welcome to the World Cup match between Croatia and Belgium.

Croatia vs Belgium: Group match in the 2022 World Cup today on TV and live broadcast

There are two ways to watch the live broadcast between Croatia and Belgium. On the other hand, the ARD The game on free TV and in free live streaming on me. On the other hand it is too MagentaTV With instant dispatch – but only for a paid subscription.

Croatia vs Belgium: FIFA World Cup 2022 Group Match – Official Lineups

  • Croatia: Levakovic – Joranovic, Lovren, Guardiol, Sosa – Brozovic, Modric, Kovacic, Kramaric, Perisic – Livaga
  • Belgium: Courtois – Meunier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Castagne – Wetsel, Dendoncker, Trossard, De Bruyne, Carrasco – Mertens

World Cup 2022: Group F Schedule

place Team Sp. s u n portals differential a point.
1 Croatia 2 1 1 0 4:1 3 4
2 Morocco 2 1 1 0 2-0 2 4
3 Belgium 2 1 0 1 1:2 -1 3
4 Canada 2 0 0 2 15th -4 0