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Curious rock samples contain material essential to life on Mars

Curious rock samples contain material essential to life on Mars

Mars car has new insights


Life as we know it from Earth? Rock samples from Mars indicate this Main ingredients I gave for it. The rock samples were from Rover Curiosity collected in Gale CraterThe site of an ancient lake on Mars.

In rock samples, NASA scientists for the first time have the total amount of organic carbon measured. “Total organic carbon is one of many measurements that help us understand how much material is available as feedstock for prebiotic chemistry and possibly biology,” he explains. Jennifer Starastronaut at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center To

generally can 200 to 273ppm Organic carbon can be found. “This is comparable to or even greater than the amount found in rocks in places with very little life on Earth, such as parts of Atacama desert in South America and more than has been recorded in Martian meteorites.”


Rock samples were examined on the surface of Mars

What exactly does this investigation mean now?

Organic carbon is running hydrogen atom Binding which is a prerequisite for organic moleculesProduced by all known life forms. It was previously detected in minute quantities in the rocks of Mars, but the total amount of it is unknown. The results are therefore an important contribution to the exploration of Mars.

However, the results from the rock samples do not prove that Mars is or becomes a suitable environment for life. Rather, they should be understood as indications that Mars is in the future billions of years Once earth like I was.

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