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Customers can no longer order food

Customers can no longer order food

Coffee and a breakfast burger from McDonald's? Not so on Friday morning. The failure of the global system put McDonald's out of business, including in Austria. However, company spokesman Wilhelm Baldea confirmed to Kleine Zeitung around 12pm that the problem had already been resolved.

In “X”, especially in Great Britain, customers complained that their orders were rejected, such as “BBCShe reported. “@McDonaldsUK why can I order via the app this morning but all the McDonald's near me are closed even though they should be open 24 hours?!” posted user Tom Bennison from the East Midlands.

In addition to Austria and Great Britain, branches in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany and Japan were also affected. Shortly after 12 noon, McDonald's Austria commented on the system's failure to broadcast:

“Our restaurants were briefly impacted by a technical outage this morning, which has since been resolved. There has been no connection to a cybersecurity event. We thank our guests for their patience and apologize for any inconvenience caused by the outage,” the fast food chain said.

From Germany, it was said that McDonald's is working hard to provide usual service again. “However, there may still be service disruptions or change in operating times,” a company spokeswoman said.

The disturbance began in the early hours of the morning. According to the Japanese department, many branches are no longer accepting applications due to the outage. The disruption also affects branches in Australia, according to the headquarters there.

The New York Times also reported on a computer system failure at McDonald's in Hong Kong, and a report in the New Zealand Herald said there were IT problems in New Zealand. Consequently, functionality is either restricted or customers cannot place orders at all.

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McDonald's operates nearly 3,000 stores in Japan, about 1,000 locations in Australia, about 245 locations in Hong Kong and more than 160 restaurants in New Zealand, according to its regional websites. According to its website, McDonald's operates 200 branches in Austria and employs 9,600 people.