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Cut-down course: Amazon says goodbye to fitness trackers

Cut-down course: Amazon says goodbye to fitness trackers

Amazon He is giving up work as part of his austerity measures Fitness trackers on me. The product line in 2020 gave its name Hello Included are wristbands and a device unveiled in September that records sleep data. Amazon announced Wednesday that the layoffs will also be associated with the end of the project.

27,000 cut-off jobs

Amazon Prime Andy Jassy He ordered his company to push through austerity measures – including cutting about 27,000 jobs. The world’s largest online retailer has greatly expanded its workforce while boosting business during the pandemic. But meanwhile, the economy has slowed. There were already cuts in the equipment department at the beginning of the year.

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Fitness tracker boom

Fitness trackers, which can count calories burned and heart rate, for example, were once thriving, but are now being eclipsed by computer watches with more functionality.

Amazon tried to score in the hard work with an unusual innovation: The first Halo bar was supposed to learn about users’ moods by analyzing their voices. The Halo Rise sleep tracker uses contactless radar technology.

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