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Cyberpunk-Katzenspiel: Stray erscheint mit viel Vorfreude in zwei Tagen

Cyberpunk Cat: Stray is coming out in a couple of days with a lot of anticipation

Photo: Annapurna Interactive

In Stray, players encounter a previously untapped premise from The Day After Tomorrow: From the perspective of a third cat, they control a stray through a neon-lit night of a mysterious cyberpunk city. Promising first impressions and the cat backpack creates little hype.

Most Wanted Game On Steam After Trailer

Stray has been developed over the past seven years by French BlueTwelve Studio, which grew out of former Ubisoft employees. A month and a half ago, the game got the coverage due to a new trailer announcing the upcoming release. Since then, Stray has thrived on Steam on 1st place in the most wanted games Replacing the MMO survival game The Day Before, which now ranks second before Hollow Knight: Silksong and Starfield. However, the list is not based on raw data, but is sorted by relevance by the Valve algorithm – so no absolute statements can be derived.

Impressions promise an atmospheric gaming experience

Meanwhile, first impressions from critics who have already hinted at Stray or got to know him better in the course of gameplay presentations, read promising. Stray, for example, drips with the atmosphere The star of the game. In particular, the atmospheric cyberpunk illumination and the highly detailed environment are praised. The game world invites you to discover, and that is what is especially diverse and interesting from the perspective of a cat frog. IGN Agree and enjoy fun eco puzzles, noting that the cat being played looks authentic and fun. The fact that typical cat behaviors such as meowing with the push of a button or the occasional sharpening of claws is impressive ribbed.

There are few negative impressions. However, there is some concern that some components of Stray’s gameplay remain largely unknown. Battles in particular are difficult to assess in advance, but the story also remains a mystery until July 19. It also remains to be seen to what extent the characters can be developed in the course of the game – after all, the cat and the little drone don’t provide all that much leeway for deep characters.

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Travel cat backpack

However, interested players are looking forward to it, and two merchandise were also greeted with joy: the developers joined the travel cat Together, Cat Accessories Manufacturer. There will be a limited-edition cat backpack in neon colors and a window display, where four-legged friends weighing up to 11kg can be taken on excursions. A cat leash is also offered, but at prices between 190 and 54 euros, both are by no means cheap.

Stray x Travel Cat Backpack (Photo: Travel Cat)

PS Disk Space & PC System Requirements

Stray will be released on Tuesday, July 19, 2022 for PlayStation 4, 5, and PC. On Sony consoles, the title can be played for free as part of the PS Plus Extra and Premium subscription tiers. Stray takes up 13.4GB of storage on PlayStation 4, but only 7.5GB on PlayStation 5. The reason is data compression with Kraken. However, the developers have already announced that there will be a patch for the first day. Stray costs €27 on Steam, but it’s on sale at a 10% discount until release day.

Stray . Official System Requirements