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Damar Hamlin shows improvements after cardiac arrest at an NFL game

Damar Hamlin shows improvements after cardiac arrest at an NFL game

DrThe condition of football player Demar Hamlin, who is still in intensive care after a cardiac arrest, is improving. According to the attending physicians of the University Hospital Cincinnati The Buffalo Bills said Thursday afternoon that Hamlin “has shown remarkable improvements” over the past 24 hours. Hamlin appears to be “neurologically fine”.

She added that his lungs would continue to recover and that he was making steady progress. The NFL defender remains in critical condition. Hamlin was in on the game National Football League He suffered a heart attack last Monday.

President Biden spoke to the parents

The President of the United States personally gave courage Joe Biden The parents of the 24-year-old. Biden, 80, revealed on a media tour of the call Wednesday (local time) during a business trip that he spoke “at length” with the Buffalo Bills player’s father and mother.

Biden also commented on the controversy over physical hazards in soccer, which has resurfaced after the state of emergency. “I think it makes sense to work on helmets and concussion protocols,” the US president said. But the sport is still “dangerous,” according to Biden, “you just have to admit it.”

Meanwhile, the Bills practiced again on Wednesday to prepare for Sunday’s final game of the regular season against the New England Patriots. “We all deal with it in different ways,” offensive tackle Deon Dawkins said. It’s still not clear if the game will actually happen.

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