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Dark energy in the brain: what is it?

We still know very little about the dark energy of the brain. However, it is a fascinating topic that has also sparked the interest of many scholars.

Dark energy in the brain: what is it?

Last updated: November 25, 2022

term dark energy In cosmology, it describes the energy field that accelerates and scatters the universe. This expression has been adopted by scientists to make an analogy with certain brain processes. However, there are currently only hypotheses based on the question: Why does the brain use the same amount of energy – regardless of whether it is alert or resting? And why does our thinking apparatus need so much energy at all?

To date, there is no definitive answer to any of these questions. Dark energy is only one possible explanation. Then we will take a closer look at this topic.

The dark matter of the mind, the unconscious, has the greatest psychic attraction. If we ignore the dark matter in the universe, anomalies appear; If we ignore the dark matter of the mind, our irrationality is inexplicable.”

Joel Gold

What is this dark energy?

Science has only been talking about dark energy since 1974. American astronomer Vera Rubin noticed that stars always revolve around black holes at the same speed, no matter how far they are from the center of that hole. It’s different in our solar system: the farther a planet is from the sun, the slower it moves due to gravity.

Scientists have concluded that there must be something else with even greater gravity – something we can’t see: dark matter. It makes up about 26% of the universe. However, dark energy accounts for the largest proportion of the total density of matter and energy in the universe at about 70%. This energy field accelerates the universe and pulls it apart. So most of the universe is invisible and hardly perceptible, We only see a small part of what is there.

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The dark energy of the brain

In 2006, scholar Marcus E. Rachel is one a tool Entitled “The Brain’s Dark Energy” in Science. In it, he tried to answer a question that still worries many researchers: Why does he need that brain That much energy? It accounts for only about 2% of body weight, but it consumes 20% of the body’s total energy.

Of course, it takes a lot of resources to do them all Information to treat the outside world. Finally, it must perceive and interpret these stimuli and select and store the outcome. However, scientists have proven that it uses only 1% of the total energy it takes for this process. That is why experts talk about the dark energy of the brain, which we hardly know anything about.

Hypotheses about the dark energy of the brain

More conservative scientists believe that the dark energy of brain It is used to regulate homeostasis in the organism. This means that it maintains the internal balance of the organic functions to maintain health.

Other researchers believe that this dark energy is related to the workings of the subconscious mind. They believe that there are many more processes going on in this dimension than in consciousness and that the brain uses 19% of the energy that we don’t know what’s going on. They support these claims in different studies Among other things, on a research paper that proved it The unaware It has 200,000 times more processing power than the conscious mind.

Another study by Daniel Gilbert showed that the mind wanders 46% of the time, supporting this hypothesis. There is currently no conclusive data, but there is growing interest in this topic. So we’re very excited about the new discoveries.

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