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Darts World Cup: Munsur Suljović’s next attempt on the big darts stage

Darts World Cup: Munsur Suljović’s next attempt on the big darts stage

He turned 50 this spring, so Mansur Suljović could not have lacked the necessary maturity. However, to the darts professional it appears as if he is celebrating the premiere of the World Cup. For the 14th time, Suljović is participating in the dart throw finals, and has been the most successful Austrian on the scene who has reached the round of 16 three times.

What does Austrian mean? The native Serb in his thirtieth year in Vienna yet still not holding citizenship of the country, which is harder to come by than anywhere else, took the stage once again at the infamous Alexandra Palace, called “AllyPally”. , Enters. It is for this reason that Mansour has not risen to the hurdles, but is concentrating on his first appearance of the year on Thursday in Round 2 (match three after 1.30pm) against Belgium’s Mike De Decker. This should not be underestimated. The eights in the 3-1 win over Canada’s Jeff Smith is indicative of the 27-year-old’s power play.

This has nothing to do directly with Suljović, who still ranks well enough in the world rankings as 30 in the first round. The Austrian should always look to channel his nerves, which are always difficult to spur on at world championships, into at least organized paths. If the arrows were fluttering like his mental web, things didn’t look right. Last season, Suljović failed in the second round at Scot Alan Souttar, after leading 2-0 in the set and 2-1 in the third and missed eight darts. Working with a mental coach should avoid such mishap this time around. If Suljović wins, Michael van Gerwen will likely await in the third round on December 28. Mighty Mike was still working on Wednesday night.

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Meanwhile, one of the favorites has moved on to the third round. Raymond van Barneveld, who has retired, is playing like the good old days. The Dutchman beat England’s Ryan Mekley 3-1 despite later explaining that he had food poisoning the day before. On the other hand, Fallon Sherok, the last woman in the trio, was eliminated. The “Queen of the Palace” lost 1: 3 to her fellow Englishman Ricky Evans. A win was likely, but Cherokee missed a lot of doubles, going about 1-1 in sets. I led 2-0 in the fourth set.

Meanwhile, the tournament at the epicenter of darts, which is now intensifying again, is more deserving of the title of “world championship” than it once was. At the beginning of the 1990s, participation was almost exclusively English, and this year players from 28 countries are participating, including 28 English and 12 Dutch.