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David Schumacher in Formula 3: Following in the footsteps of Meek / FIA Formula 3

David Schumacher in Formula 3: Following in the footsteps of Meek / FIA Formula 3

David Schumacher kicks off his second season in Formula 3 this weekend. The 19-year-old turned into Trident’s first team this winter.

David Schumacher laid the groundwork for a big goal over the winter break. Because then he moved to the first team Trident. The Italians occupied second place in the team classification last season, and the German drivers Lyrem Zindeli and David Beckmann occupied the eighth and sixth places in the overall standings, and then they reached Formula 2.

So now you are where Schumacher wants to be in the mid-term, ideally by winning the title this season. But he remains cautious at the moment. “Like everyone else, my goal is to win the championship, but we’ll see how the first race goes and where we stand, and then we can build from there,” Schumacher said on the Formula 3 website.

Cousin Mick Schumacher, 22-year-old son of legend Michael, laid the groundwork for promotion to First Division, among other things with a title victory in Formula 3. Season Two of the Junior series.

Meanwhile, David won the rookie title as the best newcomer in Formula 4 before competing in the European Regional Formula Championships in 2019, where he finished fourth in the overall standings with four wins this season.

In 2020, he was promoted to Formula 3. However, the first season was not under a good star: mid-season he moved from Charouz to Carlin, but things didn’t go any better than before. In the end he didn’t have any points and was 28th overall. With the twelfth place as the best result.

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Undoubtedly, first year is the apprenticeship year for most talents, and it has always been the same for Mick, with David being automatically compared to it from a mathematical standpoint. David Schumacher knows: In season two, the air will be thinner, so expect the results, then you have to deliver, because usually the wheat is separated from the chaff.

Schumacher now has to improve the pace. “I learned a lot over the year, I learned a lot about the car and how to drive it,” he said, placing high hopes on his new team. “They are a true Italian team and you can feel it. They are excited, Schumacher said, “but you can have a good laugh with them after a hard day and I’m really happy to be with them.”

“The car they provide is really strong and we made good progress through the tests. The first time I sat in the car was very different, it felt really good.” Schumacher, who was still inconspicuous in midfield during the tests, said, “I’m really looking forward to First race in Barcelona. ”In Barcelona’s qualifiers on Friday, he finished ninth, but remained behind his team-mates.

Some opponents resemble the name Schumacher. One of his teammates is Jack Dohan, son of motorcycle legend Mick Dohan. Arthur Leclerc, brother of Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc, is under contract with Prima. Matteo Nanini, the nephew of former Formula 1 driver Alessandro Nanini, leads with the German HWA team, while Enzo Fittipaldi, grandson of two-time Formula 1 champion Emerson Fittipaldi, leads with Charuz.

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The competition is not only well-known, but also numerous: 30 drivers, divided into ten teams, enter the season in which there are three races for a total of seven weekend races, for a total of 21 races.