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Davide Tardozzi (Ducati): “Pico Bagnaia on Olympus!”  / Motor cycles

Davide Tardozzi (Ducati): “Pico Bagnaia on Olympus!” / Motor cycles

The MotoGP race at Jerez on Sunday saw world champion Francesco Bagnaia return to his first podium with a factory Desmosedici – much to the delight of Ducati's ebullient team principal Davide Tardozzi.

After the stunning MotoGP victory for 26-year-old world champion Pico Bagnaia in Jerez, all the dams were broken in the pits for the Ducati Corse factory team. Davide Tardozzi (65 years old) was once again in the middle of everything, and this year he had to do without his old colleague Paolo Ciabati, who is now devoting himself to the new motocross project at Ducati. Many fans were able to admire on the screens the ecstatic cheers of the experienced manager and former racer, who jumped back into the pits completely unhindered after Bagnaya's victory and enthusiastically embraced all the team members.

As a precaution, wasn't there any cardio equipment in the Ducati's trunk that could help the emotional Italian? “No, we didn't have one with us because it would probably break,” Tardozzi laughed on Sky Sport Italia. “The boys showed an amazing finish. Jerez Sunday was one of those days that lifted Bagnaia to the top of the champions' ladder. Pico has delivered a masterpiece.

“It was a battle between the two-time world champion and the eight-time world champion,” Davide Tardozzi continued. “I would like to clearly highlight the double overtaking maneuver that Pico made on the first lap – on the outside track, on the brakes in front of the hairpin,” Davide Tardozzi told his Italian hero. “That was unbelievable.”

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Tardozzi also knows: “Pico's fastest time in the race of 1:37.4 was also completely unexpected! “He has never had such a good feeling on a motorcycle before,” confirms Tardozzi. “The boys did an excellent job helping him solve his problems. He was always very open and honest in the box. “I think we can give him more confidence on this bike now.”

Regarding the big decision for 2025 – finishing second alongside Picco Bagnaia – Tardozzi said when asked if he already had a headache: “The headache will actually come when we think about it. We said we would wait a few more races. Three or four is simply not enough. We haven't thought about it yet. Boys who are eligible for this still have time to show their qualities.