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Dealing with emotional pain: effective strategies

Dealing with emotional pain: effective strategies

Emotional pain can be very intense. However, there are effective strategies that can help in this situation.

Coping with emotional pain: 3 evidence-based strategies

Last updated: 09 April 2023

the Dealing with emotional pain It’s complicated, so well-meaning advice like “time heals all wounds” or “you will survive” don’t help much. When the affected person feels a lack of understanding, they tend to withdraw and isolate themselves. This only increases suffering: sadness, despondency, pessimism, emptiness or anger are characteristic of the daily life of these people.

However, there are very simple methods that make it easier to deal with emotional pain and prevent more serious consequences. Today, we’re sharing three evidence-based strategies you should definitely use if you want to leave your pain and heartache behind.

“Accept the sadness first and then that winning without losing is not a good thing.”

Alyssa Milano

1. Name the feeling exactly

2007 conducted and published in the journal psychology published Stady indicates that precise Naming your feelings helps you deal better with emotional pain. Emotional expression relieves suffering, so therapists encourage their patient or client to write down and define feelings in a journal or in a letter to yourself.

Try to find accurate words. It is not enough to write “I am sad” on a piece of paper. You need to describe these feelings more deeply: “I feel hopeless because I don’t know what future awaits me. I feel tight, sometimes I find it hard to breathe or I feel empty in my stomach. I find it difficult to focus on my activities because my thoughts are pessimistic and sad … ” The act of handwriting is indeed a rest for the brain.

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In addition, you can have conversations with a trusted person. Describe your feelings and thoughts as accurately as possible so that she can empathize with you. Self-help groups are also very helpful Because it allows you to meet people with similar experiences who can help you express your feelings.

You need to identify negative beliefs in order to replace them with realistic, more positive ones.

2. Vigilance

Mindfulness exercises are also helpful in making it easier to deal with emotional pain. Study from 2017 He points out that it is important to recognize feelings and how they affect behavior. This makes it easier for you Let go of negative feelings. Mindfulness helps you connect with yourself, leave the chaos behind and find clarity.

You can practice mindfulness anytime, anywhere. However, we recommend that you perform the exercises as soon as you get up. If this is not possible, you can also use walking or another scheduled time for this practice. You can find more tips here: 4 Mindfulness Exercises for Beginners

Dealing with emotional pain is not easy, so professional help is advised in many cases..

3. Overcome negative thoughts

Psychologist d. Stephen Sultanov has it in his own studies I noticed that Negative thoughts, which often circle in circles, add to the emotional pain. In many cases, beliefs and beliefs become entrenched that eventually lead to despair. “I will never be happy again” or “It just doesn’t make sense anymore” fuels emotional suffering, so it’s important to transform these thoughts and replace them with more realistic thoughts. “It is normal that I am sad. However, if I put this feeling first, I will spoil my plans.”

These three strategies are easy to implement and very effective. However, don’t forget to seek professional help if your emotional pain is too deep for you to regain control of your life.

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