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Defeat the Quick Pacult to start

Defeat the Quick Pacult to start

Rapid Wien celebrates a perfect start in the main set and won 3-1 at AUSTRIA Klagenfurt.

Rapid started with an away win over Austria Klagenfurt in the Bundesliga group stage. Hoteldorfer won 3-1 at Wörthersee on Sunday, goals scored by Marco Grohl (27), Bernard Zimmermann (35) and Yosef Demir (49). Torji Gimbassi, who was absent in the 53rd minute, scored the home side’s goal with a penalty kick in the 41st minute.

Here are all the details about the game

Just a week ago, Rapid beat Klagenfurt 3-0 in Vienna. This time it was enough for the runner-up by three points again, as Green-White presented itself cool to take chances after a well-balanced initial stage. After a long pass from Dejan Petrovic, Grüll was alone in front of goal and did not give goalkeeper Phillip Menzel a chance. Eight minutes later, Martin Moormann hit a perfect cross in the middle and Zimmermann only had to head in. The youngster had already scored twice against Carinthians last week.

Austria Klagenfurt returned to the match with a strange situation: after a high ball in the sixteenth, Kevin Weimer and Filip Stojkovic entered into a vertical duel, and the ball fell into Wimer’s arm and referee Markus Hammer ruled from a penalty kick, which Gemsipasi (41.). The swift responded seconds later with a Zimmermann shot to the inner crossbar.

The match was decided shortly after changing sides. First, Demir headed into Grüll’s cross to make it 3-1 for Rapid (49) – it was the ÖFB player’s first goal for Rapid since returning from FC Barcelona. Then he saw yellow-red Gemicibasi after a duel with Stojkovic (53). As a result, the Klagenfurt team tried very hard to change the course of the game. However, Rapid was not in danger and could have won more, but Menzel saved from Grüll (61) and Kelvin Arase (89).

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Problem About Fountas

In the end this was Hutteldorfer’s third consecutive win in the league, however there were controversies. Taxiarchis Fontas, who signed a preliminary contract with DC United, was injured after Friday’s training session – for “inexplicable reasons”, according to sporting director Zoran Barisic. In an interview with Sky, Barisic said, “We will start investigations on Monday and see what really happens. In fact, the Taxi Fountas staff are bothering me.”