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Delegates meeting gets you in the mood: Fire department day at "Hofer Mühle" Stainz

Delegates meeting gets you in the mood: Fire department day at “Hofer Mühle” Stainz

Deutschlandsberg Fire Brigade Day was planned for this past Saturday as an outdoor event in the main square. “We had to change our plans,” said Robert Ebel, the Steines captain, who lamented that the rainy weather made it necessary to move to Hoover Mohl. Anyway, the car was shown in the main square.
Officers, counts and the report from OBI Markus Gusel to Chief Fire Officer Joseph Gaish also worked on the inside. Welcoming greetings to comrades and guests of honor (Labg. Maria Skazel, LAbg. Helga Kügerl, District Governor Doris Bond, Mayor Walter Eichmann, Police District Commander Helmut Zührer, Deputy Chief Green Cross Catherine Hutter, District Commander Honorary Helmut Lanz, District Commander Josef Geisch, Deputy District Commander Karl-Heinz Hurgl and Markus Schauer (all department inspectors) hired HBI Robert Ebel.

good cooperation

“There has been a lot already in the program,” said Robert Ebel, speaking of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Staines Volunteer Fire Brigade. An eventful period of time in which technical equipment has undergone tremendous development. However, the focus has always been on helping residents. “We would like to thank the community for the support,” he said, noting that the collaboration between the Staines Base Fire Brigade and other firefighters is working well.

Honoring the deserving members

Honoring the deserving members on the agenda of each region. So also this time, HBI Manfred Aldrian and HBI Thomas Stopper asked their respective fire brigade buddies to stand in front of the rest of the fire brigade. The awards were presented by the guests of honor with words of appreciation. Here is the list: HFM Wolfgang Thomann, HFM Karl Jöbstl, FA Peter Grasl (Deutschlandsberg District Association Merit Cross in bronze), ABI Johannes Aldrian, EABI Thomas Gritsch (Deutschlandsberg District Association Merit Cross in Gold), LM Martin Klug (Deutschlandsberg District Association Merit Cross in Gold), LM Martin Klug (Deutschlandsberg District Association Merit Cross in Gold) State Fire Brigade, Level III), OBI Hans-Jürgen Novak (State Fire Association Merit Mark, Level I), HFM Gerald Golob, LM Erwin Seiner, HBI aD Wolfgang Strohmeier, HFM Franz Thomann (40 years of honorable work), HLM Josef Müller, HFM Alois Pobernell (50 Years of Honorable Work Activity), HFM Friedrich Hackl, HFM Richard Krenn (State Government Merit Cross in Bronze) and OBI aD Anton Treichler (State Government Silver Merit Cross in Bronze). The applause of the opposing team can be considered an additional prize.

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Greetings from the guests of honor

Mayor Walter Eichmann spoke in his welcome address about the major challenges of operations. “It’s a physical and mental stress,” he said, thanking all the members. He stressed the importance of comrades training for the benefit of the population, “It will not go down any further.” BH Doris Bond also thanked the firefighters’ continued readiness. “The horn was there, but digital radio is available today,” she said, explaining technical advances for the most diverse types of operations. In one, Stainz congratulated Weir on its 150th anniversary.

Thanks to Staines Fire Department

“A lot of things are unknown to the public,” Helga Coogirl noted the operational readiness during the day and at night. According to the MP, any possible help from politicians is justified. Jubilee in Staines shows resistance to defenses over the past few years. State Representative Maria Scazel described the work of the fire brigade to the people as a pillar of safety. According to the head of the community association, this applies to disaster relief and technical operations. During a visit to the state fire school in Lehring, I was introduced to a wide range of training opportunities. She concluded by thanking the beaming Stainzer Weir: “Every move must be right.” The welcome address by District Commander Joseph Gaich, who said a big thank you for coming to the District Fire Department on the day, the organization by the French Armed Forces and the ongoing operations, was very brief. He called for active camaraderie, before concluding with his desire to do as many exercises as possible and as few tasks as possible: “Let’s sit still a little.”

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delegate meeting

A word about the delegates’ meeting in the “Hofer Mühle”. HBI Manfred Aldrian explained the content: “It was about current issues, cooperation with police and rescue organizations and reports from management and special representatives.”