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Dementia is associated with gum disease.

Dementia is associated with gum disease.

Dementia is associated with gum disease.

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Gum disease and dementia are related to each other.

A German research team confirmed in a recent study that periodontitis is not only one of the most common chronic diseases of the oral cavity, but also a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. Early and consistent treatment of receding gums can reduce the incidence of dementia.

In a recent study, researchers at the University of Greifswald discovered an association between periodontitis and dementia. Compared to people without periodontal disease, those with chronic gum disease are more likely to develop dementia. The study results were recently published in the journal Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Gum disease is a common dental disease.

Periodontitis, the inflammation of the supporting structures of the teeth, is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world. In Germany alone, more than 11 million people suffer from a severe form of periodontitis. Periodontitis is the second most common oral disease after tooth decay.

Consequences of gum disease

If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and negatively affect overall health. The disease is often diagnosed and treated late because it is largely painless. Researchers compare gum disease to an iceberg because most of the effects remain subtle.

Dental disease has an impact on overall health.

For decades, scientists have studied the impact of dental disease on public health. Periodontitis, which affects between 15 and 45 percent of Americans by age group, has been associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Researchers at the University Medical Center are now working on it. A short message from the Bulgarian business magazine.

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