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Demo videos and streams will be removed

Demo videos and streams will be removed

Game copies of Final Fantasy 16 are being distributed prior to the actual release date. Square Enix warns banners and collaborations about videos.


It happened again. Physical copies of a video game reached players’ hands before the actual release date. Square Enix confirmed that Copy Final Fantasy 16 It reached public hands before it was published. And the Japanese company declares it against Pre-release videos and streams for Final Fantasy 16 will continue.

You can already find it on social media: Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Bags. And a role-playing game that can be played if you already have it at home. And of course the temptation to start broadcasting on Twitch or YouTube is great. But Square Enix doesn’t think it’s funny.

Spoiler videos for Final Fantasy 16 floating around?

Why all the fuss? Because of the risk of spoilers, of course. Call Square Enix their social media channels All early adopters of the game should not share any media or story details.

“We are aware that a small number of physical copies of Final Fantasy XVI are in circulation,” Square Enix said. We are currently thoroughly investigating illegal purchases and are taking steps to curb this in advance of the game’s official launch on June 22nd. – For those receiving a pre-launch copy, we ask that you kindly refrain from sharing any aspect of the game, including screenshots. and videos and live streams, until Final Fantasy XVI is officially launched.- Our priority is to ensure that the full gameplay experience is not ruined for our fans and in order to achieve this we will remove any image, video or broadcast posted prior to launch day. We ask for your support and cooperation in the last week before launch “.

Final Fantasy 16 It will be released on June 22nd for PlayStation 5 (PS5). A playable demo of the game was released on the PlayStation Store this week. There’s already a Final Fantasy 16 trophy list that tipped us into something of a “New Game +” mode.

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