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Demonstrations after the death of an African American at a police station in Minneapolis

A young African American was killed during a police raid on the outskirts of the US city of Minneapolis. A 20-year-old man has died Sunday after being shot by a police officer during a traffic stop, the Brooklyn Center in Minnesota said. In the evening, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of a local police station. Police used tear gas and stun grenades against them.

Authorities say the young man was stopped for a traffic offense. An arrest warrant was found against him. Authorities tried to arrest him, after which the 20-year-old tried to flee with his car. One of the officers went to the car and attacked the driver, who died at the scene. One passenger suffered “life-threatening injuries” and was taken to a local hospital.

Hundreds of protesters then gathered in the center of Brooklyn on Sunday evening. According to the Star Tribune newspaper, protesters attacked the police using rubber bullets. Photos show people waving the flags of the “Black Lives Matter” movement on the hoods of police cars. About an hour later, the police retreated. Protesters lit candles.

Shortly afterwards, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of a local police station. Authorities later used tear gas and stun grenades against the crowd, an AFP reporter said.

The incident sparked outrage around the world in Minneapolis, a few kilometers a year after the violent death of African American George Floyd on May 25, 2020, and sparked unprecedented anti-racist protests in the United States. The case of white police officer Derek Chou is currently pending in Minneapolis. Floyd died and died.

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