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DentalSlim, the weight loss system that (literally) closes your mouth

DentalSlim, the weight loss system that (literally) closes your mouth

For the ‘Beings That Have the Power to Annoy Me’ series, here’s a device developed by the University of Otago, New Zealand. Researchers present it as “the world’s first weight-loss dental device”. what’s he doing? It basically prevents patients from opening their mouth more than 2 mm.

Guys, this is scary. Something like this reminds us of medieval torture. The system, which is based on magnetic devices and custom locking screws, is attached to the first molars by a dentist using an orthodontic adhesive. It does not restrict breathing, nor does it restrict speech, but it actually keeps people on a liquid diet.

And your mouth is closed to lose weight

In a study published in British Journal of Dentistry, seven participants (both healthy and gheeUse DentalSlim for 14 days. They were given a commercially available liquid weight loss diet that provided 1,200 calories of energy per day. The average weight loss during this period was 6.36 kg (14 lb).

If this sounds silly, there is something you may not know. For example, I did not know. Jaw locking appears to have been considered a less invasive, less risky, and more humane way to improve the practice used in the 1980s. Doctors have surgically closed some patients’ jaws. The practice seriously suffocates people when they vomit.

DentalSlim . weight loss mechanism details

To avoid this possibility, the DentalSlim Diet Control app comes with a tool from Notentriegelung Users can carry it with them at all times. No study participants reported using this key Although one patient admitted to “cheating” by smuggling melted chocolate and soft drinks.

Changing habits takes time

“The main obstacle that people find in losing weight is persistence,” says the professor. Paul Brunton, professor of health sciences at the University of Otago and leader of this project.

This device helps them establish new habits by allowing them to stay on a low-calorie diet for a while. It really starts the weight loss process. It is a non-invasive, reversible, economical and easy-to-perform alternative. There are no negative consequences with this device.”

Paul Brunton

I’m still cold, I have to be honest. But I do know that there are people who are forced to have parts of their stomachs removed or have rings put in place to close them: more invasive and risky procedures. There are people who really struggle with losing weight when losing weight means saving their lives. For them, the “mini-dental machine that opens the mouth” may be a way to spark the spark back into other eating habits.

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The document can be accessed for free at British Journal of Dentistry.