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Der Bergdoktor: "Hans should never find out" - the trailer suggests family drama

Der Bergdoktor: “Hans should never find out” – the trailer suggests family drama

This year, dr. Gruber and Co. Early Where They Haven’t Been Back For Long: Season Sixteen”Mountain DoctorStarts December 29, 2022 on ZDF, instead of January as usual. Episodes can be accessed in the Media Library a week before the TV broadcast.

Some of the content is already known, and the actors and actresses of the series have hinted repeatedly in recent weeks. The thread about the family of Sonja, Hans’ deceased wife, who brings a secret from the past to the Gruberhof, is all new. It’s not just the actress who owns how sexy that is Monica Baumgartner (71) He tells. The trailer alludes to the whole drama: “Hans should never find out,” Lisbeth Gruber hears at the end of the clip.

Mountain Doctor: The Gruber family must find themselves again

Everyone who watched the 15th season of “Der Bergdoktor” knows that a lot will change at the Gruberhof. Anne’s departure also affects the joint venture that Martin’s ex-girlfriend is running with Hans Gruber. It must be paid, which puts “Gruber-Milch” in financial difficulty. There will also be dramatic moments between Martin and Hans.

But other characters also go through developments. Lily wants to do an internship at the clinic to gain experience before studying medicine. “Although Lily wants to look forward, the failed relationship with Robert still has an impact. Was the breakup right?” This was stated in the preview of the first episode.

The love story between Susan and Clive/Paul will also be told. The question of what secret weighs on the relationship between Lynn and her father is also open.

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“Der Bergdoktor” starts from December 29th. Every Thursday at 8:15 PM ZDF. Each episode a week ago in the media library to get rid of them.