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Despite the 27-year age difference: “The peasant is looking for a wife” - Thomas with his ex-wife?

Despite the 27-year age difference: “The peasant is looking for a wife” – Thomas with his ex-wife?

Are Thomas and Jesse a couple again? Instagram notes (photo montage)

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Seven months later, farms Thomas and Jesse announce their separation. A age difference of 27 years should not play a role. Is the return of great love coming now? Jesse shares clear evidence.

East Frisia – Hope after their separation in March “A farmer looking for a wife”* Fans in Return of Love (Here is all the information about RTL Broadcast *). In 2019, Farmer Thomas is looking for a big love on TV. After the show he met Jesse, who was 27 years his junior. But their relationship did not last long. Just 7 months later, they announced their split. Would Thomas Wilms (49) and Jesse (22), 27 years younger, dare the second try? Jesse now shares clear clues to her Instagram story. * mentioned.

At the time, some little things bothered them in the relationship, but they broke down on good terms and they continue to be good friends (read here: Thomas and Jesse Separation – 27-Year Age Difference Do Not Blame *). But now Jesse shares suspicious evidence pointing to an affair with Farmer Thomas.

Farmer Looking for Wife: Fans believe in the return of love

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In the past few days, Jesse has been sharing old photos with her ex-partner Thomas from time to time. This makes your followers aware and rumors of a return of love spread quickly. Therefore, Jessy starts a question-and-answer session on her Instagram story where her fans should vote. Is there a return to love or not? That’s the question and the result is clear: 88% of their fans firmly believe in a second attempt by Thomas and Jesse. Could it be because of your eye-catching profile description? There, the 22-year-old announces that her relationship status is “taken”.

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Farmer looking for a wife: Jesse and Thomas want to clarify the rumors

Fans speculate on the return of love on Instagram (photo montage)

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One question-and-answer session is not enough for their fans. They want more details and should have it, as Jesse promises on Instagram. On Friday (April 30, 2021) your followers should finally get a clear answer! “We can do a live broadcast on Friday to answer these questions,” East Friesian wrote on Instagram.

Farmer Thomas has yet to comment on the rumors, but he has always kept his relationship with Jesse a secret because he was constantly getting criticized for his girlfriend and her age difference. What he says about the return of love and whether the rumors are true, fans will likely find out only on the live broadcast.

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