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Despite the bumpy development, the place has always been kept

Despite the bumpy development, the place has always been kept

In recent years, “Dead Island 2” has had to endure various delays as well as changes in developers. As confirmed by game director David Stenton, the successor situation was never on edge despite the bumpy development.

Back in 2014, publisher Deep Silver officially announced the successor to the popular action-horror title “Dead Island” for consoles and PC.

In the following years, “Dead Island 2” made a name for itself with its bumpy development, which not only led to various twists. The development team in charge has also been replaced several times. The sequel was initially created by the makers of Yager’s ‘Spec Ops: The Line’.

No longer trusted by the Berlin studio, Sumo Digital worked intermittently on Dead Island 2 before another developer change saw Dambuster Studios take over to complete the project.

As the game director responsible for “Dead Island 2” David Stenton confirmed in an interview, the eventful development does not mean that the successor’s situation is in jeopardy.

The developers pursued a clear goal

Rather than considering a possible new setting, the developers at Dambuster Studios were primarily concerned with an entertaining gaming experience and the goal of making the main pillars of the game, such as the combat system, as high quality as possible. “I don’t remember there being much discussion about doing anything other than L.A. I felt it was important for us to focus on the match…the fight and that includes the venue,” Stenton said.

Further: “LA is such a great creative place that we didn’t really feel like we needed to bring other regions into it. It gives us a lot of options… for the game we wanted to do. So there haven’t been any big discussions.”

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After another delay, Dead Island 2 will be available on April 28, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: GameInformer

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