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Deutsche Bahn strike: ÖBB trains run through German Corner

Deutsche Bahn strike: ÖBB trains run through German Corner

Travelers and passengers to and from Germany should prepare for what is now known as the fourth railway strike: the German Locomotive Drivers’ Union (GDL) has called on its members to stop working. ÖBB trains traveling through Germany, i.e. from Salzburg to Tyrol or Vorarlberg, were not affected, an ÖBB spokesman said today. Long distance trains run to Munich and Frankfurt only to Salzburg and Passau. Westbahn trains run to Munich.

The strike starts tonight

The strike at passenger transport operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) is scheduled to start today at 10pm and end tomorrow evening at 10pm. The work stoppages are being felt in Austria as well, but not to the same extent as during the recent railway strikes in Germany.

The ÖBB spokesman explained that the fact that traffic continues through the German corner, as well as local traffic in the border area near Salzburg and Tyrol, is due to the fact that it is not the database infrastructure that is on strike, but rather only the train drivers who are out on strike. In long-distance transport, Austrian train drivers are replaced by their German colleagues in Salzburg and Passau – usually, but not in the event of a strike.

According to the company, trains from the mostly private Westbahn region, which travel to Munich during the strike period, were not affected by the German train drivers’ strike. During the week there are five trains traveling to the Bavarian capital, and on Sundays and public holidays such as tomorrow there are four trains.

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