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Developers considered further delay

Developers considered further delay

According to their own statements, 343 Industries considered another delay to Halo Infinite, but ultimately decided to reject it.

Halo Infinite Developer 343 industries It was recently announced that the upcoming shooter will have to dispense with a co-op campaign or blacksmith at the time of its release. Both modes are intended to be added to the title over time after launch.

Before deciding to take this step, there was another title delay at times, Creative Head Joseph Staten reported in the latest video update.

In the end, it was decided to use the live service nature of Halo Infinite to add the missing content after its release:

“Yeah, I mean, we talked about it. But what we ended up with is that Halo Infinite is a live game. So it never ends. Do you know what I mean? It will progress and evolve from season to season. We say the beginning is the beginning of this journey, but To get started, you have to choose a moment and actually start.”

“So in the end we made a decision, we’ve been working on this game for a long time, and our fans have been waiting for this game for a long time. With the single campaign and our first season of free multiplayer in really good shape for the end of the year, we didn’t want to wait any longer. Let’s start and evolve from season to season.”

Exact release date infinite aura not yet known. It will probably be from 7:00 pm tonight, through Xbox Gamescom StreamTo give news about the beginning of the shooter.

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