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Devil's Comet and Zouchenshan Atlas: These comets are currently heading towards Earth

Devil's Comet and Zouchenshan Atlas: These comets are currently heading towards Earth

After C/2022 E3 in January 2023, two stunning comets could be seen in the night sky again soon: While Comet Satan will approach Earth in April, Atlas of Tsuchenshan will penetrate the interior of the solar system. The system in October can be as bright as Venus and puts on an impressive light show.

Styria. Due to its striking appearance, it is called “”Millennium Falcon“or”Satan's comet“: in April “12/ Pons Brooks“It came particularly close to Earth and (with a bit of luck) can also be seen in the evening sky.” periodically “It comes back every 71 years.” Arnold Hanselmeyerprofessor of astrophysics at Karl Franzen University Graz. It will reach its closest point to the sun on April 21, 2024.

However, the time of year is interesting for all astronomy lovers April 10Where the “Devil's Comet” is located with the help of the bright planet Jupiter It can be translated. “It is questionable whether it will be visible with the naked eye. But with binoculars, this should probably be possible,” says the expert in solar and astrophysics.

Promising: Atlas of Zouchenshan

However, another newly discovered comet could put on a spectacular show this fall: C/2023 A3 (Tsuchinshan-Altas) will approach Earth at this time. “This comet will for the first time It penetrates the interior of our solar system and, according to preliminary estimates, could be almost that bright Venus“, reveals Hanselmeier. As a result, he can come at dusk Eye open Be clearly visible.

It can find its closest point to the Earth around it October 13, 2024 to reach. “In general, it is difficult to announce such events because comets always encounter different obstacles on their way,” emphasizes Arnold Hanselmeyer. if Atlas of Zouchenshan The fact that a large light show will evoke the fall night sky will become clear over the next few months.

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