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Diablo 4: No witch doctor or paladin

Diablo 4: No witch doctor or paladin

Although we want to Blizzard Haven’t revealed any yet New row We’re next in Diablo 4 (From 51.69 euros He buys) Welcome to the first expansion, Hate shipIt will be launched next year.

But thanks to the discoveries of data miners who accidentally obtained one Leaky construction Taking a closer look at the action RPG, we already get at least a rough idea of ​​what to expect.

Diablo 4: Neither Witch Doctor nor Paladin – leaks point to a whole new class

Officially, the Hate Ship expansion wants it Campaign story Continue in Diablo 4. For example, you have to fight demons Nahanto Haunting – The area we recently visited Diablo 2 Appears under another name: Torajan. This is also where you’ll first meet the new class, which, as Blizzard itself has already revealed, is still around No appearance In the infernal Hack’n’Slay series.

That the new class is not shamanism Popular doctorNot a single Warrior of the Blessed Light Paladinmust act, foot Associate Game Director Brent Gibson already explained this at BlizzCon. So the team had chosen the class that had been chosen so far no one Played in the Diablo title.

Maybe that’s what it’s called Spiritburn Represent. Blizzard has addressed this mistake Which was given to the developer at the beginning of October as one Internal beta version Diablo 4 was made available for download in error by previous beta testers Cloak of silence Covered. However, attentive fans were able to download the release and find information in the files indicating the Spiritborn class and its abilities. To make matters worse, they also achieved this More new featureswhich has not yet been implemented in the game, is brought to the surface in this way.

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Just a few days before BlizzCon, another MMO Champion user posted on the forum a leak , which also indicates the information found. Although Blizzard’s official descriptions of Jungle settings From Ship of Hate is more ambiguous than the forum post, and both agree in large parts, which may indicate that the leaked build of the game was actually an early version of the expansion.

What does the Spiritborn chapter have to offer?

Of course, it’s still too early to say exactly what we can expect from the new category. But at least we got a little thanks to the leaks Taste About what Spiritborn is all about – assuming the speculation eventually comes true.

  • Use Spiritburn Glyvin As weapons.
  • Instead of using mana, they use… Anger As a resource, they should have it too Dual resource system You must use skills.
  • The class mechanics will change something “Gods” It must be done.
  • The names of Spiritborn’s skills indicate that they are related in some way Pets or Minions It will work.

Whether it is one Melee or ranged fighter It is difficult to define, in which case it would certainly be possible to imagine both. The last point is particularly interesting in light of the expansion’s previously mentioned setup, after all there are definitely some people waiting for us Exciting creatures In the dark forest forest. What else do we do? Expected with Ship of Hate, the first expansion for Diablo 4We will, of course, tell you elsewhere.