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Diablo III: What will happen when Diablo IV comes out?

Diablo III: What will happen when Diablo IV comes out?

The upcoming Diablo IV release clearly has Blizzard’s teams in its grip, but the previous version is still in the works. What’s next for Diablo III?

Diablo IV launches on June 6th and it’s safe to assume that the majority of fans will already be at the starting line with their axes sharpened. But that doesn’t change anything, or change a bit, the fact that the predecessor is still very popular. This of course raises the question of if and how Diablo III will continue into the future, and general manager Rod Fergusson has an answer.

Like a known fan wow According to reports, Ferguson talked about the topic in a recent interview and had some good and bad news for Diablo 3 fans. So the upcoming Diablo III season 29 does indeed have a season-specific theme again, but not to the same extent as the previous season 28. So don’t make Your expectations are very high.

However, from Season 30 onwards, it gets thinner. According to Ferguson, players will then have to account for repeat content, that is, previous seasons are more or less recycled. Accordingly, features and bonuses include a colorful mix of already played seasons.

The reason should be obvious, of course: after the launch of Diablo IV, the developers put their entire resources into the new game, which is supposed to offer much more life service items than Diablo III. Additionally, Blizzard already announced in a recent video about Diablo IV’s endgame content that it should be expanded further. And one can probably assume that Diablo III’s player count will drop significantly after the successor’s release anyway.

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