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“dictator!”  “Inhuman!”: Schultz finally reprimands Lukashenko – politics abroad

“dictator!” “Inhuman!”: Schultz finally reprimands Lukashenko – politics abroad

Potential new German chancellor Olaf Schulz (63, SPD) made his first statement on Thursday regarding the refugee crisis at the Polish-Belarus border.

Alexander Lukashenko, 67, is “a dictator who no longer enjoys any support from his people.” “Lukashenko is participating in an inhumane power game with human lives. That must have consequences,” said Schultz.

► The Vice-Chancellor continues: “We have to act very harshly against the Lukashenko regime. (…) It is really bad how he plays with the fate of men, women and children in this bitter cold and he has to stop quickly. “

Schultz said that Germany and Europe would have to take advantage of the opportunities available to them to ensure that “Lukashenko does not continue like this.” This includes affecting airlines that are currently flying people from the Middle East to Belarus “until they cease this activity”.

The Bundestag previously discussed the consequences of the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. Almost all the parties represented in parliament affirmed their solidarity with Poland in the dispute with Lukashenko.

Schultz had previously indulged in his own traffic light negotiations. BILD’s request regarding the situation at the Polish-Belarus border was left unanswered on Tuesday: “Not today…”

The dramatic scenes have a lot to do with him and his traffic lights. The intelligence services of many EU countries agree: now up to 20,000 immigrants in Belarus constitute an attack on the EU, and the escalation is aimed at the alliance negotiations in Berlin!

According to BILD information, Schulz, unlike his predecessor, SPD adviser and friend of Putin Gerhard Schroeder (77), does not want to maintain any special relations with Moscow.

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As early as 2016, he said in a Petersburg interview: “I do not consider any reasonable scenario in which Russia would have good special relations with Germany and at the same time difficult relations with the entire European Union.”

Merkel begs Putin again

Chancellor Angela Merkel, 67, CDU, spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin, 69, by phone for the second day in a row on Thursday.

You reiterated that Belarus is creating an intolerable situation at the border with Poland, an EU member state, by systematically deporting migrants, a government spokesman said in Berlin on Thursday.

▶ ︎ Chancellor Lukashenko accused the “Belarusian regime” of using “unarmed people in a hybrid attack against the European Union,” government spokesman Stephen Seibert said.

Putin and Merkel phoned only on Wednesday about the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border. The chancellor had begged the Russian president to intervene due to his influence on fellow Belarusian Alexander Lukashenko.

The Kremlin announced in Moscow that Putin, for its part, asked the chancellor that the European Union talk to Belarus about the migrant crisis. The European Union is currently preparing to impose new sanctions on Belarus.

The European Union is currently accusing Lukashenko of exploiting migrants in order to avenge the sanctions decisions taken in Brussels. Thousands of people from the Middle East are currently living in freezing temperatures in the border region between Belarus and Poland.