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Didi Kohbauer provokes Karim Adeymi with the song "Hey Diver"

Didi Kohbauer provokes Karim Adeymi with the song “Hey Diver”

Football highlights on Sunday with the Bundesliga hitting in between Red Bull Salzburg and Rapid Failed, there were great sentiments as compensation – especially on the part of the losers. At Rapid, the penalty outrage for Salzburg’s first goal was enormous. The penalty kick turned by Karim Adeymi destroyed the visitors’ tactics on the wall and started the defeat 2-0.

Kohbauer rages against the VAR

Coach Kohbauer’s fast pulse was in the red even after the final whistle. In front of the cameras and microphones, the 50-year-old started shouting: “Referee Hammer managed to decide a match for Salzburg again. The referee was not at the level it should be in games like this. Let’s donate the VAR money to any relief fund” . But it’s not just the referee who got fat after the controversial penalty decision.

Getty / Red Bull

Karim Adeyemi of Salzburg scored in the 79th minute to take a 1-0 lead against Rapid Vienna.

Elver and US Bowie save Paul’s goal against Rapid

Ironically, a penalty kick from the Bulls equaled the record for Viennese goals. Red Bull Salzburg also scored against the Rapidler on Sunday and now has won 2-0 (0-0) in 41 home games in…

Kühbauer salutes Adeyemi provocatively

Top scorer 1-0 Adeyemi was also a thorn in the side of the Vienna coach. With the song “Hey Diver,” Kühbauer provoked NEO-DFB-Kicker, who responded in the press room with “Safe trip home to Vienna” as usual. “Diver” means “king of swallows” in football parlance – a player who wants to steal a foul without justified contact.

Adeyemi holds goalkeeper Gartler and scores 1-0 from a penalty kick


Salzburg’s Karim David Adeyemi (red) converted the penalty against Rapid Vienna to make it 1-0 – and goalkeeper Paul Gartler had no chance.

The coach’s teasing is further evidence that Hütteldorf’s nerves are empty. Al-Feini also said: “It was easy for Adeyemi, he almost made a Rietberger double. He doesn’t need to because he’s an incredibly good football player. But he doesn’t make many friends with something like that.”

The double Rittberger makes Adeyemi smile

Asking to talk about the double Rittberger made Adeyemi smile. “I don’t skate, but I love skating,” said the Germany international, who won three penalties in the Champions League at Seville on Tuesday and awarded one. I can only say that there was friction in the penalty area.”



Fast coach Didi Kohbauer was furious after the 2-0 defeat in Salzburg.

Geisel also found it difficult to understand the excitement. “From my point of view, you can definitely give 911,” said the 33-year-old. Kühbauer had a different approach to the subject, and took Hameter under fire in a Sky interview and saw his players deprived of the fruits of their labour.

Police officers exacerbate Rapids crisis

A ninth place after eight days of matches and the same amount of points exacerbated last year’s runner-up crisis. The Rapids coach admitted his resignation: “I don’t think we can become champions.” After just eight laps, the “runner-up” loses confidence in his race to catch up.

Kühbauer relinquishes the title early

Kohbauer sees himself in a position to turn things around. “Wenn ich nichts mehr bewegen könnte, dann würde es keinen Sinn mehr machen. Aber das ist nicht der Fall, das hat die Mannschaft heute gezeigt”, erklärte der Trainer und versprach: “Wir wer weraf ür den wider all tunes” Come.” However, Rapid had their worst start since the 2006/07 season. At the time they were even in last place after the first half of the season – currently 16 points behind the subscription master.

Salzburg breaks two records

On the other hand, the defending champions have won all eight league matches so far, with which Matthias Gisele set a record. The German won his first eight matches as the first coach in the Austrian House of Lords. In addition, his team set a record – Salzburg has always scored at least one goal in their last 41 home games in the league, something that only Rapide previously achieved from 1983 to 1986.

A cup duel with regional league team Kalsdorf awaits Salzburg on Wednesday, with Rapid secured an even more difficult draw – Hoteldorfer must go to Admira on Thursday, to whom they lost a home defeat the previous week.

(Source: SALZBURG24 / APA)

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