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Didi Mateschitz may launch his new media project this week, “Leaderent.”

Didi Mateschitz may launch his new media project this week, “Leaderent.”

“Pragmaticus” aims to translate scientific findings to the general public.

Didi Mateschitz started his research platform over a year ago addition Amazing set. Just a few weeks later First media reports It emerged that the Red Bull boss is on a follow-up project called pragmatics work.

However, since then, the rumored new medium has gone completely quiet. again Basic I mentioned on Monday, but everything can go really fast now. Already on the first or second of September pragmatics Go to the start. However, there is no confirmation from Red Bull or Mateschitz themselves in this regard. But what about that BasicThe report can talk about the fact that next Sunday at 10.55 pm according to the program preview hello tv The premiere of “Der Pragmaticus”, the television branch of the platform, is taking place.

Prince Michael von und zu Liechtenstein on board

pragmatics should, vs. additionIntroducing journalism that “focuses more on solutions-oriented projects outside of everyday political conflicts,” according to a statement by the entrepreneur published in the past. subordinate stumble It stated, for example, that it was planned to create a journal that would “translate scientific results for the general public, dedicated to the major geopolitical and scientific questions of the time.”

Co-develop the project, out loud Standard, Prince Michael von und zu Liechtenstein, who runs a kind of think tank for decision makers with Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG. According to previous information, columnist Christian Ortner is also on board. (as)