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Dietrich Mateschitz is the richest person in Austria

Dietrich Mateschitz is the richest person in Austria

No one from Austria is among the world’s richest people, according to the 2022 Forbes Rich List. After all, Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz came in 51st this year with assets of $27.4 billion (currently €25.1 billion). This makes him by far the richest Austrian. However, his extravagant fortune is only a tenth of the wealth of the world’s richest person according to Forbes list, Tesla owner Elon Musk with $ 219 billion.

A total of 2,578 billionaires are listed. Austrians find ten on the list. According to this, the second richest Austrian is the construction businessman Georg Stumpf with $7.9 billion in 288th place – in 2018 he was still 822nd on the list. “Austrian developer and investor Georg Stumpf founded the Stumpf Group in 1994 with a $35,000 loan from his father,” Forbes wrote.

He is followed by Rene Benko as the third richest Austrian. The real estate investor net worth is estimated at $5.4 billion and is ranked 490th globally, it ranked 496th a year ago, but in 2020 and 2019 it was still around 361 and 365 respectively, and that was with the top 500 for Austrians.

The 552nd world ranking is followed by Novomatic founder and owner Johann Graf with $5 billion. Its previous highest rise was at number 181 in 2019. It is followed by a few hundred billionaires followed by ship owner Helmut Sohmann with $3.9 billion (774).

On the other hand, $3 billion from department store heiress Heidi Horton isn’t even enough for the world’s top 1,000 people. It ranks 1,012. But this is enough to power a huge luxury yacht called the Carinthia VII – which is 45th in the longest in the world. Ex aequo at number 1,012 is investor Michael Tojner (Varta, Montana Tech Components).

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With $1.9 billion, L’OCCITANE President Reynolds Geiger ranked 1,579 globally, according to Forbes (see:). Wolfgang Leitner, co-owner of Andritz, is among the 1,645 richest people on earth with $1.8 billion. Once again, according to Aequo, at number 2324 are Ulrich Mommert and his family (ZKW) as well as KTM owner Stefan Berer – each with $1.2 billion in assets.

Pierer was already in the top 2,000 in 2018, but this year he’s up quite a bit compared to the previous year. Mateschitz was already 37th in 2018, but 51st has been high again since 2019, as it recently took places between 53 and 57.

The second richest person in the world is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with $171 billion. The richest European, Bernard Ornault and his family (LVHM) came in third with 158 billion. The fourth is the richest man on earth, Microsoft founder Bill Gates with $129 billion.