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Digital companies see opportunities: AI must save the climate!  |  Life and knowledge

Digital companies see opportunities: AI must save the climate! | Life and knowledge

Thousands of scientists around the world are searching for solutions to save the climate. There are many methods. Now a new one is added.

Many companies in the digital sector see artificial intelligence (AI) as a climate opportunity. Although AI requires a great deal of computing power, many entrepreneurs are convinced that it can also provide solutions to combat climate change and help humanity adapt.

According to the digital association Bitcom, artificial intelligence has huge potential for climate protection.

For example, it can reduce energy consumption in factories, put buildings on a path to saving carbon dioxide, reduce food waste, and reduce fertilizer use in agriculture.

Even the best solution?

The Digital Society (2,200 member companies) surveyed 500 of its companies. 41% are convinced that humanity will not be able to solve its climate problems except with the help of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can detect climate risks

◀ 84% of companies in Germany trust the ability of artificial intelligence to better predict climate risks.

◀ 69 percent call for more research on how AI can help fight climate change.

However, three-quarters of companies consider high energy consumption a major problem when developing AI.

Green electricity

The greener the electricity and the more efficient the hardware and software, the more climate-friendly AI will be. Data centers in Germany must be operated in a CO2 neutral manner from 2027. This will have a very positive impact on the climate footprint of digital transformation.