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digitalwerk has relaunched Semperit AG's full digital presence » Leadersnet

digitalwerk has relaunched Semperit AG’s full digital presence » Leadersnet

| Tobias Seyfried

| 09.08.2022

The restart brings usability and performance improvements to the websites of the entire group of companies.

DigitalWork has implemented the following major project. This time, experts from the Vienna agency are responsible for relaunching Semperit AG’s full digital presence. Almost the entire corporate suite has been digitally redesigned.

With the redesign, as well as being found via search engines, the new look and feel of the website should enhance Semperit’s digital site. The content of the site should also be organized according to the target group.

In order to achieve these goals, Tamayuz has been established, which focuses on representing the company on the group site and on the sites of specific product categories on the sites of individual segments. In the course of the analysis phase, which lasted about three months, about 3000 pages of content were analyzed and optimized by SEO experts with Semperit, in addition to surveying the needs of the target group.

Project scope requires a new methodology

“The group website primarily displays company and functional area information and creates synergies through additional links to the product and sales level. The focus of the Semperit product world is on lead generation and conversions. Important conversions in this context, for example, making a connection or downloading papers products,” explains Monica Riedel, Group Brand Management Director, and Company spokesperson for Semperit.

Sebastian Binder, New Digital Business Director: “The project scope requires a modified project management methodology, i.e. a combination of Scrum and IPMA. Despite the agile methodology, there were consistent milestones. This procedure was defined in the analysis stage with Semperit and so the project could be implemented in less From little more than a year from application to startup.”

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